Step 1: Make your first line drawing scene

We describe here how to configure the first post process line scene using Jiffycrew Post Process Line (UE4). In this tutorial, we will use Paragon:Wraith to setup the example scene.

Project Environment

We will use UE4.19.2 in this document. We assume that users created a project or have their own.

Download and Add a Paragon:Wraith to the content folder

Open Epic Games Launcher and go to Marketplace. Search "paragon" in the search window and download (click purchase) the asset. After downloading the asset you can add the files into your project by click "Add To Project" in the Content Detail Window.
Then go to your project and see that ParagonWraith foler is added.

Open Paragon:Wraith sample level

After the Paragon:Wraith files are added, open the sample map in the \Content\ParagonWraith\Characters\Maps\Wraith.

Add JiffycrewLineManager to the level

Go to /Content/JiffycrewPPLine/Blueprints/ and find JiffycrewLineManager. Drag the blueprint to the level.

Your first line drawing scene has been setup.

All the necessary setup to detect and draw lines is done. Try play the level and navigate around to see your lines.